Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, Kayaking…

The island seems small but everyone will find here what they seek.  Enjoy the peace on one of the most beautiful and secluded islands, dance salsa all night near a fire on the beach under a sky full of stars, or pass the time with one of our activities prepared specially by the Sirius Hotel.

The island with its green hills, abandoned bays and friendly inhabitants can offer an innumerable amount of interesting activities.  Among them are many hiking tours around the island.

Snorkeling: As well as diving using Scuba tanks with compressed air, there are also many places where you can enjoy coral reefs, schools of fish, the ocean and its beautiful colors while wearing only a mask and snorkel.  All of the equipment can be obtained from us.

Project "Feel the Reef": Recently started by Dr. Alejandro Martinez this project will show you the most distinct manner of coral reef functioning and how important their existence is for all living organisms.  Both beginners and advanced divers will gain practical knowledge of the ocean, island, flora and fauna.  In a catamaran you will travel in small groups to specially chosen places, explore the reefs and get to know everything about life under water. T

This unique project was implemented with the help of the Sirius Dive Center and can show and teach both young and old about life in the ocean in a practical and exciting way.

Kayaks and water sport: The Sirius Dive Center offers you high-quality kayaks, water skis and various types of water sport.

Horseback riding: You can reach several of the most beautiful hills on the island on horseback and enjoy an incredible view of the whole island and the ocean in all its colors. Of course you shouldn't miss riding to one of the white beaches and taking a swim with the horse in the ocean.  And for a fitting conclusion, no one will refuse you a stop at one of the many beach bars.  Order yourself a tasty fruit juice or a fresh Mojito, lie on the hammock on the beach and just enjoy the moment.

"El Pico": On a 3-hour hike a local youth will lead you to "El Pico", the highest point on the island, some 363 meters above sea level. While hiking toward the peak and walking through the green forests you will hear a lot about the island, the people living on it and their peculiar culture.

Tour around the island: On a boat ride several hours long, we will gladly show you the most beautiful places on the island and take you to all of the small neighboring islands in the vicinity of Providencia.  We will investigate old pirate artifacts of Captain Morgan and enjoy the beautiful light blue color of the ocean. If you wish, we can take you to the open sea where you can spend the night on "El Faro" Island that stretches far in the sea.  You can spend the night under the sky near a fire with a supper that you caught yourself.  And in the morning, after this incredible experience, you will arrive back at the hotel where breakfast will already be waiting for you.

Fishing in the open sea: Fishing, as the main source of nutrition on Providencia, can also be explored by you.  Go with one of the fishermen early in the morning to the open sea, enjoy the sunrise and gaze upon the passing schools of dolphins.  Of course, the same is possible during the day, for those who wake up late.

Music: You have the unique opportunity to learn one of the various Caribbean dances such as Salsa, Bachata or Ragga.  Have you always wanted to learn to play the drums?  For just a few pesos you will get a private lesson and your teacher will help you with tips and tricks.

Learning Spanish: Certified Spanish teachers that teach in the public schools will give you a private lesson of their native language – Spanish.  All of our Spanish teachers speak perfect English.  It's a special feature that is hard to find in South America.

Nightlife: Nights are spent in beach bars that are visited by both guests and locals equally.  Lit torches, salsa and reggae lead to hot nights on the beach.  Dancing and singing play an important role in the culture of the Caribbean, that's why there are so many holidays and festivals here to which every man and woman is invited.

Dining: Numerous small beach bars are scattered all over the island.  In the restaurants you can enjoy fresh-caught seafood and island grown fruits and vegetables every day.  The relationship between price and value will make you happy.  For a few US dollars you can always get a great dinner with fresh fish, vegetables, salad and fresh fruit juice.

Island Exploration: Of course you can always explore the island by bicycle, motorcycle, Mototaxi or by one of the regular taxis.  The "Chiva" is a colorful bus that takes tourists and locals around the island.  There is a port, a hospital, two banks, offices and various small shops where you can buy food, beverages and the most important tools one would need on an island.