Map of Isla de Providencia

Isla de Providencia is one of the Colombia’s islands in the Caribbean.  It is the second largest among the "San Andrés and Providencia" archipelago and is situated roughly 90 km to the north of San Andrés Island.  You can reach San Andrés from Bogotá in 2 hours and in 1 hour from Panama City.  From San Andrés to Isla de Providencia it is another 20 minutes on a small chartered plane.

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The Island of Providencia is 7 km long and 4 km wide and is formed from volcanic stone. It is divided by a range of mountains from north to south, which reach a height of 363 meters.  The highest point is called "El Pico" (Spanish for peak). Several important freshwater streams for the local population originate here.

The airport "El Embrujo" is situated in the north-east of the island. The main center of the island is situated a bit further to the north. Here you can find shops, two banks, restaurants, a harbor and a hospital. You can also find the bridge connecting the sister island of Santa Catalina, known as "Puente de los Enamorados." There you will find old pirate artifacts, abandoned beaches and lonely bays. If you go south along the street you will pass through the villages of "Pueblo Libre" and "Pueblo Viejo" and finally reach "Agua Dulce" where you will be able to find one of the smaller beaches on the island. If you keep going south, in a few minutes you will find one of the best restaurants.  At "Café Studio" your meal will be cooked by a local fisherman and his wife, a woman who emigrated here from Canada more than 20 years ago and started a family on Providencia. Here you will find the best of fresh Caribbean and simple international cuisine.

A few meters further begins the gorgeous beach known as "Sur Oeste".  It is here, on the largest beach of the island, that our hotel and dive center is located. All along the beach, you can find some of the welcoming cafes and restaurants. Then, heading to the southwest part of the island, you travel through the "Casabaja" community back to the north. In "Casabaja" there is a fork in the road that will lead you to another beautiful beach on the island.  It is called "Manzanillo", and every night you can enjoy live music here played by a local island band by the light of a fire on the beach. On the weekends multitudes of island locals come out to enjoy long nights of music and dance.

Along the way back from "Casabaja" to the airport, you will discover some of the most beautiful viewpoints of the island.  There is also a dance club, most popular on the weekends, which is difficult to overlook. In the middle the island is very hilly and inviting to wandering tourists with its auspicious views of the sea and the island as a whole.

A 20 minute taxi ride will take you from the airport to us.